I have been writing about interesting things since I was about 11 years old when I was given an empty journal by my friend’s mother, Mrs. Peabody. I had always loved writing, and I guess Mrs Peabody (who was a teacher) saw this spark and by giving me a journal was also giving me permission to turn that spark into a flame. I still to this day have a journal that I write in sporadically and it helps me connect with the bigger picture of life.

When I started Make and Do in 2009, I realised that blogging had the potential to connect with people the same way that that old journal of mine did all those years ago. And our posts reflect that – one week it might be about a crafting tool we love, the next about tip or trick we have found that saves time, a great recipe, an App that we think is great or a reminder to take time out for some self-love. A little bit random but isn’t life a bit like that too?

How to sew a straight line – every time!

"Can I sew a straight line?" - if I had a pound for every time I was asked that question that almost all beginner sewers want to know.  And when we teach workshops, we love to share tips that we use because we know other people like a bit of help too. As a matter of...

You are one minute away from making your own beautiful bias binding

You are one minute away from making your own beautiful bias binding

When I first started to make my own binding many years ago, it was more out of necessity than anything else. The binding that I could buy was, to put it simply, awful. It was always in wide range of three colours and was the texture of starched linen. When you took it...

What should you really concentrate on this Christmas?

What should you really concentrate on this Christmas?

When you are stood in a room surrounded by hundreds of people who sleep under bridges, use benches as mattresses, and consider large cardboard boxes a home, you cannot help but feel humbled at what you have in your life or for the opportunities given to you.


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