Do you remember learning to ride a bike and it seemed like an almost insurmountable task? When you first started, you were wobbly and trying to keep your bike upright seemed impossible? But eventually, you were gliding down a hill with your hands in the air, and were shaking your head at having wasted all that time being afraid?

Well, putting zippers and buttonholes in garments can seem like the same tall mountain to climb but once you are shown in our very straightforward, fear-busting way, you will see how easy it is when you follow our guidance (and some tips!) that we have perfected along the way.

In this workshop, Anne Sigsworth and Maeri Howard  will be your teachers, and you will:

  • find out about the different zippers available to sewers and which ones are best for the various jobs
  • learn how to shorten a zipper if you do not have the correct size
  • learn how to change your standard foot with any of the feet required to install zippers or create a buttonhole
  • using interfacing, prepare your fabric for inserting zippers and buttonholes where required.
  • create a simple zippered make-up pouch using the standard zipper

Take home a sample set of finished zippers and buttonholes for reference with a complete set of instructions as well as your make-up pouch.

Note: Each attendee will be provided with a standard zipper foot, an invisible (concealed) zipper foot and a button hole maker to use in the workshop which can be used either on your sewing machines or one of ours. These will be available to purchase at the end of the workshop if students would like to take them home with them. 

Skill Level: Enthusiastic beginner. This workshop requires a basic knowledge of basic sewing skills but we are very good with working with students who might need a little bit of extra help. 

Course Availability: Daytimes & Evenings

Fee and what this includes: 43.00 and this includes everything you will need to take this workshop as well as coffee/tea and a home made snack.


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