The sample curtain will have double, triple (French), cartridge and goblet pleats.

The course covers:

  • Measuring windows and calculating fabric requirements
  • Calculating pleat sizes
  • Inserting buckram
  • Pinning and machining pleats
  • Hand stitching and finishing pleats
  • Inserting pin hooks and hanging
  • Additional design ideas such as buttons, contrast headings if time allows

Note: You will have to have taken our lined curtain workshop (or a similar one that allows the student to make a simple lined curtain) as this workshop requires you to make one.

Skill Level:  Intermediate

Course Availability: Daytime

Fee and what this includes: £48.00, this includes all items needed to make your sample curtain headings (sewing machine is available at no extra charge), coffee/tea & a homemade snack.


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